in Fredericksburg, VA
August 8 - 12, 2016
Digital Pedagogy Lab 2016 Institute


Digital Pedagogy Lab pursues a commitment to education through pedagogy, advocacy, and outreach. We hold as key to our success the elevation of the student and the contingent teacher, the proliferation of voices across education, and the ongoing investigation and creative implementation of critical and digital pedagogies.

This project is not ideologically neutral. Our work is inspired by critical pedagogues like Paulo Freire and bell hooks. Education happens everywhere, all the time, and so people must be empowered to learn and teach throughout their lives.


Digital Pedagogy Lab offers a series of professional development opportunities including an annual 5-day institute, which offers hands-on work in critical digital pedagogy, and online courses that are small, practical, and emergent. We’re currently developing a certificate program in Critical Digital Pedagogy in collaboration with partner institutions.

Starting in 2016, Digital Pedagogy Lab will be going “on the road” when invited by institutions, groups, or organizations interested in bringing the Institute environment to their educators, learners, technologists, and administrators.

Digital Pedagogy Lab: a Timeline


Recent updates and announcement

Love and Other 4-letter Words: a #digped Discussion

“So why is it painful for the academic to admit that love stirs them? Why, even in writing this, do I find myself looking for more and more evidence to support my claims? Why is love considered uncritical when in fact it is only that fragile care for our fields that inspires the critical inspection that eventually grows into rigor?...
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Graduate Teacher Education Now: a #digped Discussion

“…of all the machines that humanity has created, few seem more precisely calibrated to the destruction of hope than the academic job market.” ~ Patrick Iber There is an argument for staying in higher education. Even while increasing numbers of teachers and researchers are fleeing the academic world because of its problematic economies of reputation, its entrenched misogyny and racism,...
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Registration Opens for the Digital Pedagogy Lab 2016 Institute

Registration is now open for the Digital Pedagogy Lab 2016 Institute in Fredericksburg, VA. 100 of us will gather together, from August 8 – 12,  in four small cohorts for a week of thinking, discussing, and practical application of Critical Digital Pedagogy. WHAT: 5-day institute exploring educational technology and digital pedagogy WHERE: on University of Mary Washington Campus in charming...
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