in Fredericksburg, VA
August 7 - 11, 2017
Digital Pedagogy Lab 2017 Institute


Digital Pedagogy Lab pursues a commitment to education through pedagogy and outreach. We advocate for the elevation of the student and the contingent teacher, the proliferation of voices across education, and the ongoing investigation and creative implementation of critical and digital pedagogies.

This project is not ideologically neutral. Our work is inspired by critical pedagogues like Paulo Freire and bell hooks. Education happens everywhere, all the time, and so people must be empowered to learn and teach throughout their lives.


Digital Pedagogy Lab offers a series of professional development opportunities including an annual 5-day institute, which offers hands-on work in critical digital pedagogy. We also offer other kinds of educational outreach online, including regular #digped chats on Twitter, open online courses, and more.

Starting in 2016, Digital Pedagogy Lab will be going “on the road” when invited by institutions, groups, or organizations interested in bringing the Institute environment to their educators, learners, technologists, and administrators.

Digital Pedagogy Lab: a Timeline


Recent updates and announcement

Occupying Classrooms: a #digped Discussion

Quite often, I don’t have the words to speak. To respond. To cry havoc. I have spoken many times already and have made my point. And yet today demands more words; and more than words, today demands action. The academy is really good at giving us words, words about words, and even words about words-about-words. But the academy is not...
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The Praxis of Virtually Connecting

This past Spring we celebrated Virtually Connecting’s birthday. It was the one year anniversary of Rebecca Hogue agreeing to be Maha Bali’s onsite buddy for a conference that she intensely wanted to attend in the flesh, but could not due to the resource strain from a several thousand mile distance and family concerns. The Virtually Connecting community grew from this...
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The Digital Pedagogy Lab 2016 Institute: An aftermath in the future tense

“Anyone can participate; who does?” ~ Cathy Davidson, Keynote “Educating Higher” Aug. 10th “How can we work towards institutional change that matters?” ~ Mia Zamora, Virtually Connecting Hallway Conversation, Aug. 11th “I think sometimes we believe that we have to always value something above the technology and sometimes I actually think the technology points to places and shows us things we didn’t...
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