Unconference (Public)

23 Mar 2016
9:00 am - 4:00 am
Moataz Al Alfi Hall

Unconference (Public)

This will be a participant-driven day: participants will suggest topics for discussion and there will be several parallel sessions taking place simultaneously.

Over the course of the Digital Pedagogy Lab Cairo institute, all kinds of new questions will come to mind and common interests might even emerge.  Sometimes we discover people who have specialized skills we’d like to learn from, or maybe we would like to take the kernel of an idea and work it up together into something more concrete. The “unconference” is an opportunity to keep our conversations and learning going in a more informal context through sharing and doing. This day is participant-driven and the agenda will be chosen on Wednesday morning from possible agenda topics we propose during the week.

Sessions (expected to run for 2 hours each, possibly three occurring in parallel) can be in any of the following formats:

  1. Presentation
  2. Hands-on workshop (specify if participants need laptops) – learning to blog, basic data visualization, making a map
  3. Discussing shared interests – promoting alternative scholarship,
  4. Discussing ways forward for collaboration, e.g.  
    1. For AMICAL institutions
    2. For Egyptian education
    3. For regional synergies
  5. Hashing out a project idea

You can sign up to attend, or you can propose an idea. You can sign up for this and other public sessions at: http://bit.ly/publicdigpedcairo

To propose an idea and learn more about how the unconference works, check out this document: http://tinyurl.com/uncairo

Co-facilitated by David J. Wrisley and Maha Bali, and likely to also be attended by Jesse Stommel, Sean Michael Morris and Amy Collier