#digped Storify: Schools, Unteaching, and Lifelong Learning

In one of our bolder moves, Hybrid Pedagogy decided to hold a #digped discussion focused on the idea of lifelong learning. But embedded in this broad topic were many considerations, brought to the fore by recent articles from journal contributors Robin Wharton and Sean Michael Morris. In her article, “Building in the Humanities Isn’t New“, Robin discussed the idea that recent innovations in post-secondary pedagogy may indeed have roots in — or be replicative of — the pedagogies of elementary and secondary teaching. She says in that piece that, “I see a potentially useful convergence between the long-standing and relatively well-studied use of certain pedagogical strategies in early childhood settings and the still-emergent, and relatively untested use of what appear–on the surface at least–to be similar pedagogical strategies in post-secondary education.” And perhaps more importantly, she recognizes that learning, as well as teaching, may be more continuous than our hierarchical systems of education acknowledge; that all learning is lifelong learning.

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