Lightning Talks: Ideas and Conversations

09 Aug 2017
1:15 pm - 2:30 pm
Hurley Convergence Center room 327

Lightning Talks: Ideas and Conversations

Marginal Syllabus

Remi Kalir, Assistant Professor of Information and Learning Technologies at the University of Colorado Denver School of Education and Human Development, will share about the first year of the Marginal Syllabus (, a multistakeholder partnership that convenes conversations for educators about equity in teaching and learning via monthly web annotation conversations. Remi’s lightning talk will: a) share design principles that guide the Marginal Syllabus, including author and organizational partnerships, b) describe how the project is both an open educational resource (OER) and is supportive of open educational practices (OEP), and c) preview partner authors, focal texts, and annotathons for the 2017-18 academic year.

360-degree Learning

Ricardo Montelongo, Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership at Sam Houston State University, will share ideas on using point-of-view action cameras (e.g. GoPro) for online course lessons. Over the past year, Ric has developed three “virtual field trips” to allow online students an opportunity to see course concepts and ideas in action “live”. For one virtual field trip, he experimented with a 360fly camera to provide an online lesson describing one college campus’ response to a natural disaster. The 360 camera allowed his online students to actually manipulate their viewing perspective to see various parts of campus as heI toured various parts. These small mobile cameras can provide engaging and dynamic lessons and are quite possibly the future of instruction, both in online and face-to-face environments.

Entrepreneurialism and Higher Education

Brian DeLevie is a digital artist, designer, photographer, author and the Department Chair of the Visual Arts Department at the University of Colorado at Denver. Brian is also the co-director of the Comcast Media & Technology Center at CU-Denver. He will share his thoughts about the intersection of entrepreneurialism and higher education.

Blogging as Health Literacy

Rebecca Hogue, blogger, PhD candidate at the University of Ottawa, and co-founder of Virtually Connecting, will look at health literacy from the perspective of patients. When someone is diagnosed with cancer one of the most common pieces of advice from health professionals is “do not use the internet”. However, it is inevitable that many patients return home and immediate turn to Dr. Google. Patients often refer to social media, including blogs, seeking real lived-experience information and support from other patients. Current definitions of health literacy focus on knowledge, skills, and competence that healthcare providers believe patients need. Rebecca will take a critical perspective, and look at how blogging helped her find her voice both within the healthcare system and as a breast cancer survivor.

Sean Michael Morris will moderate.