Digital Pedagogy Lab runs on the kindness of our community.

Every year, Digital Pedagogy Lab offers fellowships to as many participants as possible in order to make the event more accessible. We are sympathetic to the costs associated with attending an on-ground event, and we are likewise committed to making the Lab a place bustling with diverse voices from all levels of education.

Without the support of past participants, teachers, and other generous individuals, we would be unable to offer these fellowships. When you donate, your contribution will go directly toward helping someone attend Digital Pedagogy Lab.

You can donate any amount you wish, but may we suggest the following levels:




A contribution at this level will waive the registration fees for one individual for a one-day course.


A contribution at this level will allow us to offer one scholarship, which includes complimentary registration.


A contribution at this level will help offset travel costs for one individual, allowing them to make the journey to DPL.


A contribution at this level will allow us to offer one fellowship, which includes complimentary registration and some travel costs.


To make a donation of any size, please click on the button below. You will be directed to a form provided by the University of Mary Washington foundation, which has graciously set up an account specifically for Digital Pedagogy Lab. Again, 100% of your contribution will help fund a Digital Pedagogy Lab participant.

Support Digital Pedagogy Lab Today

Organizational Sponsorships

A sponsor institution makes a financial donation to Digital Pedagogy Lab. In return, we offer the sponsor seats at the Lab and mention in targeted print and digital communications.  Sponsorship levels are detailed below.

In lieu of offering reserved spots at the Lab, sponsorship funds can support our open calls for scholarships and fellowships. All contributions also help us offer significantly reduced rates for adjuncts and students.

Talk with us if your institution is interested in a longer-term relationship with Digital Pedagogy Lab, or download this leaflet that details the opportunities available.