Digital Literacies

Fostering a critical orientation toward tools, portfolios, and digital presence within networks
KPU - Room 2520

Digital Literacies

We cannot develop students’ digital literacies without developing those of educators, as models and mentors. Digital skills focus on what and how, while digital literacies consider why, when, who, and for whom, as well. This track focuses on the development of participatory, networked literacies that enable collaboration, contribution, and critical sense-making within information abundance. It fosters a critical orientation toward tools, portfolios, and digital presence within networks. Participants will discuss and experiment with various technological tools from the chalkboard to moveable chairs, computers, mobile devices, social media platforms, and learning management systems. Individual sessions and workshops will focus on teaching philosophies, discernment practices for using digital tools in courses, emergent learning, digital composition, and discussions of the impact of the digital on traditional and critical pedagogies.

Guest Speakers

Dave White will be talking about Visitors & Residents, a framework for digital engagement and an alternative/antidote to the concept of Digital Natives. Dave is the Head of Digital Learning at the University of the Arts London, where he helps to run the ‘Teaching and Learning Exchange’.

Kris Shaffer will lead a short discussion about his article, “Truthy Lies and Surreal Truths.” Kris is an Instructional Technology Specialist at the University of Mary Washington and writes about data literacy, data mining, and the social and political consequences of Twitter bots.

Suggested Readings

The readings below will help provide background and context for the work of Digital Literacies.