Open Pedagogy and Social Justice

How can open communities inspire learning (and teaching)?

Open Pedagogy and Social Justice

This track will explore the relationships among the “open” movements, institutional change, and social action, especially where these meet in spaces of digital and educational technologies. Participants will work to define and understand “open,” and will consider the ramifications of an open ethos, such as: global student collaborations, public scholarship, the academic “gateway” model, open educational resources (OER), the cost of higher education, and more.

Discussions will center on both the theoretical and the practical, considering questions like: How can OER be part of a mission related to access and empowerment? How can open practitioners reconcile competing impulses towards pragmatism (with emphases on cost savings, resources, and evolution) and idealism (with emphases on permissions, practices, and revolution)? How does “open” support learner-driven education? How can open communities inspire learning (and teaching)? In what ways does open educational practice challenge the unequal distribution of power, and in what ways can it reinscribe it? This track is ideal for educators who are either just getting started with open education or who are already invested, as well as those looking to shift their pedagogies to more fully embrace the affordances of open licensing and digital technologies.

Suggested Readings

The readings below will help provide background and context for the work of Open Pedagogy and Social Justice.