Writing about Teaching

Accounting for ourselves as writers is fundamental to our pedagogy

Writing about Teaching

In this track, participants will work to put their teaching practice into words, while also using the writing they do to think through their pedagogies. Accounting for ourselves as writers is fundamental to the integrity of our praxis and pedagogy, our intersectionality, and the relationships between ourselves, our students, our institutions, our communities, and our ideologies. At the same time, our writing selves adapt to the corporately owned platforms, devices and networks that make our writing public. Writing in these times is both personal ethos and global social action.

Participants will spend time discussing current contexts for digital writing and publishing (academic and non-academic, and boundaries between those two), platforms for self-publishing, and the thin line between political, professional and personal narrative. Practice will focus on conceptualising, drafting, editing, sharing and reflecting: a critical pedagogy of digital narrative practice. This track is ideal for those who blog, those who work with student blogging, those who write about their teaching as scholarship, those who have an interest in non-traditional and narrative research, alt-ac professionals, feminists and activists of all stripes.

Suggested Readings

The readings below will help provide background and context for the work of Writing about Teaching.