ABC Learning Design

ABC Learning Design is a high-energy, hands-on curriculum development workshop developed at University College London by Clive Young and Nataša Perović in 2014 where over 1000 faculty have co-designed over 250 modules, short courses and MOOCs to date. Another 1000 colleagues at over 35 universities and colleges throughout the UK, Europe and beyond have employed the ABC Learning Design workshops and the workshop has been translated into several languages.

The workshop builds on the six learning types concept from Professor Diana Laurillard’s hugely respected model of how students learn, ‘Conversational Framework’, described in Teaching as a Design Science (2012). These six learning types are: acquisition, investigation, collaboration, discussion, practice and production. These can and have been adapted slightly to local contexts.

The key to the approach of the ABC Learning Design approach is pace, engagement and collaboration. ABC has been found particularly useful for new programmes or those changing to an online or more blended format. The approach generates high levels of engagement, and stimulates creative informed dialogue and group reflection about curriculum design among even time-poor academics.

Workshop Leader

Dustin Hosseini
Dustin’s teaching background is in teaching English as a foreign language, academic writing/composition and academic literacies development.
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