Action and Change: an Open Dialogue

This course will be co-created with all participants and will reflect the context, the attendees, the agreed upon goals, and the world around us. We will spend time on the 3 p’s: planet, people, and profitability—what we are doing to advance those 3 in education and what we can be doing differently.

This course will not focus on any one specific topic, but will rather revel in the messy and not shy away from the difficult. Together we will all work on ways of participating and collaborating in thinking about how to change our institutions in light of:

  • Racism, classism, ageism, ableism, sexism, etc.
  • Ethics, equity, inclusion, justice, etc.
  • Trust, truth, resilience, reconciliation,

We will do this by questioning our own role in perpetuating and otherwise upending cycles of disparity and exclusion. We will examine:

  • Teaching, learning, sharing – who gets to?
  • What do we teach and why?
  • The role of capital in teaching and learning.
  • The goals of teaching and learning—why do we do it?

The course, rather than being didactic, will be emergent. So, participants will bring sticky problems or problem areas they’d like to discuss. And all efforts will be made to create a brave space where all voices are valued and heard.

We will look at historical events to explore how others have succeeded in making lasting changes in difficult areas and also the failures we can learn from.

This track is ideal for:




Jess Mitchell
Jess Mitchell is Senior Manager, Research + Design at the Inclusive Design Research Centre at OCAD University in Toronto.
Hildah Nyakwaka
Hildah works at the Center for Digital Resilience as Community Coordinator. She enjoys working with grassroots communities to help them leverage their collective power to create amazing things
Lisa Liskovoi
Lisa is Inclusive Designer and Accessibility Specialist at OCAD University in Toronto. She helps organizations create accessible digital experiences by questioning how practices impact their services.
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