Transforming PreK-12 with Social, Emotional, and Cultural Learning

We're excited to announce that a new track has been added to the roster for Digital Pedagogy Lab 2021. The Transforming PreK-12 with Social, Emotional, and Cultural Learning track will offer participants the opportunity to explore the relationship between social, emotional, and cultural learning (SECL) and critical digital pedagogy.

From the description:

Learners know consciously and unconsciously whether or not they are cared about, whether they have grown from an experience, and if their needs have been addressed. During this track, we will study, reflect, and share what the characteristics of social, emotional and cultural learning are and how to foster learning with our peers and our students that demonstrates an invitational approach to create the best conditions for learning.

For the past 6 years, Digital Pedagogy Lab has delivered tracks and courses for a primarily higher education audience. But there's so much work being done around critical digital pedagogy in PreK-12 education—and this year, we want to highlight that work by offering this track and others to which PreK-12 educators (teachers, librarians, and others) can contribute.

Transforming PreK-12 with Social, Emotional, and Cultural Learning will tackle the fact that, although technology access is one part of the equation in a digital or blended learning environment, recognizing each student’s individual social, emotional, and cultural learning needs and interests is a critical component wherever the learning occurs.

Photo of Laura Summers

The track will be taught by Laura Summers, faculty with the Learning Design and Technology program at the University of Colorado Denver. Laura has a keen interest in bringing critical, humanizing practices to young people and their teachers. Laura's current research about measuring for professional learning has been supported through grant-funded communities of practice. She has also served as a board member for Front Range BOCES, a member of the Colorado Department of Education Media Literacy Advisory Committee, and as an educational advisory board member of Clyfford Stills Museum.

Please join us for this critical new offering at Digital Pedagogy Lab!

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