Applied Imagination

Imagination is at the heart of everything we do within education. When we learn we are engaging with how we imagine the world to be, whether we are affirming our conceptions or introducing ourselves to new ways of understanding. And yet so often we hear that education strips us of the opportunity to be imaginative, as teachers and learners. This 1-day track will explore both how we imagine education and how we might create more opportunities to be imaginative in our own practice. We will be asking questions such as what do we imagine ‘good’ education, teaching or learning to be? What do we imagine our roles are as teacher, facilitator and learner? What constrains us in our approach to teaching and learning? And are there ways in which we can play with those constraints, turning them into stimuli to open up possibilities we might not otherwise have considered? Informed by these questions we will also ask what role can technology play in opening up or constraining our imaginations within Higher Education.

Whether you ‘self-define’ as an imaginative or creative person or not, your contribution to this workshop will be welcomed and valued. We’ll work together to share ideas and inspiration and experiment with possibilities around course design and planning, teaching practice and assessment, among other things. This course will be collaborative, playful, reflective and, by the end of the day, you will have had a chance to consider both your own individual creative practice within education, and how you might support students in developing theirs.


Naomi de la Tour
Naomi de la Tour is an interdisciplinary scholar and educator whose work explores the ways we imagine our worlds, the reinvention of education, and making change.
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