Becoming a Student-Ready Teacher

Higher education is a public good. To support the broad and diverse population of students we now work with, our pedagogical approaches need to acknowledge the real challenges students face in light of the new economics of college.

The price of college continues to rise at a rate much greater than increases in financial aid. The cost of textbooks has increased over 1,200 percent in the last forty years (three times the rate of inflation). More than 70 percent of college teachers are precariously employed. And Sara Goldrick-Rab’s work through the Hope Center has found that one in two college students (across different institution types) has experienced food insecurity in the last thirty days.

How must we approach our pedagogies differently in the face of the increasing precarity of both faculty members and students? As educators, we need to design our pedagogies for the students we have, not the students we wish we had. That requires a pedagogy that is responsive, inclusive, adaptive, challenging, and compassionate.

We must find more ways, with our pedagogies and policies, to bring students fully into the conversation about their own education and to recognize the immense barriers they face just to be sitting in front of us. This workshop will explore the real contexts students and teachers face, and we will work together and with models as our guide, to design approaches that make immediate practical sense for us, our unique institutions, and the students we work with. We will look to projects like The Real Price of College from The Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice at Temple University with an eye toward imagining how that work can manifest in our classrooms.

Workshop Leader

Eddy Conroy
Eddy Conroy is Associate Director of Research Communications for the Hope Center for College, Community and Justice.
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