Big and Small Experiments Across the Digital Divide: A Free-Flowing Exchange

The Digital Divide, did you say? It’s been studied intensely for about 2 decades. Perhaps, academics and practitioners have now reached (a) consensual definition(s) for the phenomenon. In this workshop, however, let us hear and meditate on personal stories of initiatives to try and heal the fracture of weak infrastructure in the “Developing World”. And stateside, we should ask “who is afraid of an educated, digitally competent underclass?” If the recent past is any guide, we can barely afford to ignore the premises and implications of this last question above and beyond our daily labors in the trenches of digital pedagogy.

Workshop Leader

Jean-Jacques Ngor Sène
Dr. Jean-Jacques Ngor Sène is an Associate Professor of Africology, African History, World History, and Cultural Studies at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
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