Black Diasporic Digital Knowledge and Pedagogies

What does it mean to explore digital knowledge and pedagogies in ways significantly shaped by the work of Black people across the globe?
Whose views and visions tend to be emphasised as part of discussions about (Black) digital experiences and online education? Whose tend to be overlooked, how and why?
How might we challenge normative ideas about knowledge production and digital pedagogies, by engaging with and foregrounding different accounts of Black digital knowledge and creativity?
Particularly shaped by Black feminist thought, this workshop involves dialogue and drawing activities to do with the digital knowledge and pedagogies of Black people around the world, and across digital platforms. There will be group discussions and creative-mapping activities concerning how approaches to digital pedagogy can reinforce and/or challenge structural power relations; including overlapping oppressive dynamics related to racism, sexism, classism, anti-blackness, Eurocentrism and North American hegemony. As part of the workshop, those present will be encouraged to reflect on the different ways that our individual social positions influence the place from which we understand critical digital pedagogical work (what does it mean to (de)centre (y)ourselves in this work?).

Workshop Leader

Francesca Sobande
Francesca Sobande is a lecturer (Cardiff University, UK), researcher and writer who explores issues concerning identity, intersecting inequalities, media and the marketplace.
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