Blackademics: (Remixing) Scholarship and Digital World-Making

This workshop is about tactics, strategies, and imagining the ability to identify resources of the academy to center Black queer experiences and popular culture with the goal of “remixing” what and who is typically rendered as “scholarly.” Starting with our own digital media use, personal experiences, and cultural practices, this workshop focuses on understanding media-making as a set of texts that can circulate nuanced and theoretical understandings about identity and Black culture, and the alternative worlds many of us navigate to survive and thrive. Thinking about Black joy as a critical praxis, this workshop centers ‘Blackademics’ to expand ideas of the classroom as a space where knowledge is constantly exchanged and theory is tied to everyday practice that values the intellectual contributions of scholars and makers—both inside and outside of the academy. Participants will engage in film analysis, record oral histories, and make simple art to connect every day experiences to critical theory-making.

Workshop Leader

Chaz Antoine Barracks
Chaz Antoine is an emerging public scholar and PhD candidate in VCU’s Media, Art, and Text (MATX) program.
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