Blended Maker Faire

We’ll make this week together. Together we will unpack and practice creative remote learning using the context of blended maker spaces, and culminating with a Maker Faire DPL on Friday July 31st. We will make, play and learn throughout the week, unpacking notions of Critical Making, Creative Thinking, Project Based Learning, and Cognitive Flow. Making is thus leveraged as a context for critical reflection on technology and society – blending the fields of design, contemporary art, DIY/craft and human-computer interaction (HCI).

"Once I was alerted to the concept of “hard fun” I began listening for it and heard it over and over. It is expressed in many different ways, all of which all boil down to the conclusion that everyone likes hard challenging things to do. But they have to be the right things matched to the individual and to the culture of the times. These rapidly changing times challenge educators to find areas of work that are hard in the right way: they must connect with the kids and also with the areas of knowledge, skills and (don’t let us forget) ethic adults will need for the future world." – Seymour Papert

Given the historic reality of Summer 2020, we will explore maker oriented solutions to community remote making, remote playing, and remote learning. Our week together will include hands-on making as well as guest speakers/makers experimenting and accelerating in this field. Our collective aim for this week is to aggregate and share remote learning practices that are both hands-on and virtual; tactile and digital; synchronous and asynchronous; critical and constructivist; alone and together.


Laura Summers
Laura Summers is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Learning Design and Technology in the School of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado Denver.
Brad Hinson
Brad is a career educator and technologist with three decades of thinkering with digital media and emerging pedagogies
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