Brad Hinson

Brad is a career educator and technologist with three decades of thinkering with digital media and emerging pedagogies. He holds a BA in Journalism, an MA in Mass Communications, a PhD in Educational Computing (ABD), and has worked in K-12 and higher education across the country. Brad works closely with several learning communities including the Digital Pedagogy Lab, The Future of Storytelling, and EDUCAUSE.

Brad likes to make, play, and learn with digital education and entrepreneurship, with focused areas of interest in media studies, digital anthropology, open education, and emergent teaching practices.

Brad is the SEHD lead for digital teaching & learning as well as information technology (IT) operations.  He also serves as a Senior Instructor in the Learning Design & Technology (LDT) program.  At the campus level, Brad works closely with ThinqStudio, the Office of Digital Education (ODE), The Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning, the Auraria Library,  the Comcast Media & Technology Center, Inworks, and the Office of Information Technology (OIT).

Brad Hinson

Brad Hinson is an Assistant Dean and lecturer for Learning Design and Technology in the School of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado Denver.

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