Bringing Imagination to Teaching

Often times when we are writing, our imaginations and creative flow become clouded by doubts of imperfection. Have you ever stopped writing because of the pressure of having to write something worthwhile, or “good”? In doing this, we put so much stress on ourselves and forget the importance of creating just to create.

In this workshop, we will revisit the imaginations of our childhood, where we can write freely, without technology, without pressure, and without constraints. We will experiment with elementary level exercises, freewriting, and have an open discussion on bringing less stress and more imagination back into our classrooms and into our own writing (and perhaps even outside of our writing), and how this can benefit our creative minds.

Workshop Leader

Bethany Thomas
Bethany Thomas received her B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Mary Washington. She currently teaches writing and grammar skills to law students at Florida State University College of Law.
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