Camp Critical Pedagogy

Over the decade, we’ve watched the discussion of pedagogy in higher education shift. The urgency to move toward the digital, the welfare of our contingent colleagues, and the imperative to confront directly issues of gender, race, class, disability, access, and inclusion— both within the university and outside its walls—have us asking more and more critical questions about how we should teach, where we should teach, and why.

We can’t go on talking about pedagogy as though business is usual. Teaching can and must be politically aware, even socially active. Many of us live and work in situations that require what Paulo Freire would call “hopefulness”—but a hopefulness that demands and results in real action.

As a pre-conference offering before Digital Pedagogy Lab 2019, Jesse Stommel and Sean Michael Morris will host “Camp Critical Pedagogy,” a weekend workshop from August 2-4 that will engage directly with both the foundational texts behind Critical Pedagogy, and with modern thinkers whose work—by design or by serendipity—aligns with that approach. We will explore questions such as:

  • What is the practice and use of modern education?
  • Can or should teaching be a form of activism? And if so, how do we make it so?
  • How do we meaningfully approach issues of gender, race, class, disability, access, and inclusion, power, and otherness in the classroom? How do we approach these issues outside of the classroom?
  • As scholars, what is our social responsibility?
  • How do we effectively make space in classrooms for voices other than our own? How do we really level the playing field across the curriculum?


Jesse Stommel
Jesse Stommel is co-founder of Digital Pedagogy Lab and Hybrid Pedagogy: an open-access journal of learning, teaching, and technology.
Sean Michael Morris
Sean Michael Morris is the director of Digital Pedagogy Lab and Senior Instructor in Learning Design and Technology at the University of Colorado Denver.
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