Classroom Applications of Intersectionality

This session focuses on the importance of, and practice of integrating an intersectional framework into teaching and learning opportunities for undergraduates. Intersectionality elucidates the need for faculty, researchers, and scholars to address social identities and locations and their impact, or relationship with, perceptions and lived experiences. My perspective is that of a faculty member at a Minority-Serving Institution and that unique cultural milieu is described, along with ways in which the critical dialogue and practice of utilizing an intersectional approach may be different than in predominantly white institutions (PWIs). This presentation will focus on key activities I found to effectively demonstrate the importance and complexities of incorporating an intersectional framework, discuss the successes and challenges I encountered through this on-going process, and provide suggestions for infusing intersectionality into the curriculum with students, as well as integration of intersectionality across various disciplines and institution-types.

Workshop Leader

Naomi Hall-Byers
Dr. Hall-Byers is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Winston-Salem State University.
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