Community-based Digital Pedagogy

This course will focus on digital pedagogy that is purposefully embedded in and defined through community partnership. Examples of community-based participatory digital pedagogy might include: a youth media collaboration with a local school; oral history and digital archiving projects with a community organization; documentary storymaking co-created with community partners; multimodal interactive storymapping in a neighborhood. In other words, projects that bring together the ethical practices of digital pedagogy with the radical possibilities of community-based participatory media making.

Some of the questions we will consider are:

  • Where does digital pedagogy fruitfully intersect with community-based learning? In what kinds of spaces does community-based participatory digital pedagogy take root and thrive?
  • How do community-based participatory research frameworks open up space for digital pedagogy’s activist impulse?
  • What are some of the obstacles to community-based digital pedagogy? What ethical tensions do we encounter in community-based digital pedagogy? What do students need to know, in what ways do they need to prepare, to participate in community-based digital pedagogy projects?
  • What are some of the possibilities and lessons learned from engaging in community-based digital partnerships between students and community partners?
  • What does a strong community-based digital partnership look like? What are the challenges to sustaining such partnerships over time?

This course is designed for those who are interested in imagining a community-based digital pedagogical partnership, as well as for those who are already engaged in digital pedagogical collaborations with community partners.It is designed for students, instructors, and community members with all levels of experience in digital pedagogy and media making. The emphasis here is on partnership, participation, and pedagogy, and the ways those values might be enacted through collaborative digital media-making.


Lora Taub
Lora Taub is Dean for Digital Learning and the director of the LVAIC consortial Documentary Storymaking minor program at Muhlenberg College.
Sundi Richard
Sundi is Assistant Director for Digital Learning at the E.H. Little Library at Davidson College.
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