COVID-19 Update: DPL 2020 Moves Online

As we continue to watch the pandemic unfold, it is clear that North America is still in the early days of the outbreak. And so I have made the decision—in conversation with associate director Jesse Stommel and this year’s faculty—that DPL 2020 will move fully online. Although this means a very different kind of event than we usually host, we believe sincerely that we can create an online gathering that will feel productive, engaging, playful, and unique for everyone who attends.

Because this is Digital Pedagogy Lab, our online offerings will not be standard fare. Where a lot of conferences go virtual by creating synchronous, fly-on-the-wall opportunities, or webinars to replace sessions, we will be working to design courses which will be much more complete, immersive, and useful. Courses for DPL 2020 will take place using a combination of open platforms—primarily Ghost, Discourse, and Zoom—and faculty will be utilizing other collaborative tools (, Google Docs, etc.) to make their courses as interactive as possible. Every course will rely primarily on asynchronous interaction, but may include synchronous moments (video, hashtag chats, etc.) as well.

Our keynotes—José Vilson and Jesse Stommel—are gearing up to deliver presentations that will go beyond the standard webinar. And DPL fellows are already brainstorming creative ways to bring their workshops to life online.

Registration has been changed to reflect this new format: all registrations are $250.00 USD. We hope that this price will keep the event affordable for everyone, while also honoring the labor of our faculty and staff.

And last but certainly not least, an online DPL means more of our international colleagues will be able to join in: instructional designers and TEL, digital pedagogists and technologists, librarians, teachers both online and on-ground from every level and corner of education, and others. So, we hope that the gathering will offer more opportunities for you to connect with colleagues from around the world.

I hope you will join us for this unique online gathering July 26-August 2, 2020!

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