Critical Digital Pedagogy and STEM-H

How digital pedagogy and critical pedagogy are implemented in the STEM-H class differs from other disciplines. STEM-H courses are often a bit more rigid in course content; we have very detailed and national required/expected content restrictions as well as constraints regarding assessments, state testing, and national standards that need to be met. We also deal with concerns in scale and indirect teaching (via TAs). How we balance critical pedagogy, digital pedagogy, and their implementation with our required content demands creativity, critical reflection, and some help at times from STEM-H instructors who have more experience with this balance.

This course will help participants bridge the theoretical foundation of Critical Pedagogy and the practical implementation of Critical Pedagogy in both F2F and digital STEM-H courses. We will organize the course by attacking a different theme each day: Introduction to Critical Pedagogy, Critical Digital Pedagogy, Social Justice and Equity, Open Pedagogy and Open Science, Implementing Critical Pedagogy in Lab Settings, and Self-Care.

Our goal is to help participants see what they are already doing in the classroom that will allow them to integrate the ideas and the curricular changes embraced by the critical digital pedagogy. The workshop will be mostly asynchronous with optional synchronous virtual sessions each day to discuss the day’s themes, readings, and observations.

This track is ideal for:




Clarissa Sorensen-Unruh
Clarissa (Rissa) Sorensen-Unruh is a full-time Chemistry Instructor at Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) in Albuquerque, NM.
Courtney Sobers
Courtney Sobers is a Chemistry & Biology focused educator, specializing in chemical biology and organic chemistry.
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