Critical Digital Pedagogy—Online at DPL 2020

For the last six years, Digital Pedagogy Lab has offered each of its eleven events as fully co-located gatherings. As Jesse Stommel discussed in his opening remarks at the very first event in 2015, it isn’t possible to take on-ground learning, networking, collaboration, and discussion and transport it wholesale into an online space. Because face-to-face and online, synchronous and asynchronous, digital and analog offer different affordances and limitations, any online learning endeavor must be approached with care and consideration for the platforms involved, the methods, the goals, and the audience.

The on-ground gathering at every DPL has offered community for those in attendance—one which we have shared, as much as possible, through live streamed keynotes, Virtually Connecting sessions, and hybrid moments in individual courses. Where other educational gatherings and conferences have offered remote attendance—which usually involves participation via video in otherwise on-ground discussions and activities (a poor substitute)—the Lab has been exceedingly cautious about doing so.

This year, that is changing, but in a considered way. In response to a number of factors—including the environmental impact of conference travel, the increased complications for travel to the U.S. for marginalized people, and the COVID-19 outbreak—we will be offering the first fully online option for Digital Pedagogy Lab during the 2020 event.

Sean Michael Morris and Jesse Stommel, founders of the Lab and authors of An Urgency of Teachers: the Work of Critical Digital Pedagogy, will lead a one-week fully online course on Critical Digital Pedagogy from July 26 to August 2, 2020, including activities and readings pre- and post-event. This intensive course will explore the growing field of critical digital pedagogy and uncover, invent, innovate, and collaborate to apply theories and approaches with regards to: technology critique, connected learning, open digital pedagogy, culture in the classroom, and more. While the course will be held online, we hope to gather hybrid, online, and traditional classroom teachers into conversation.

The course will be offered on open-source platforms—Ghost and Discourse—and though primarily asynchronous, there will be synchronous moments throughout the week (via Zoom and Twitter). And participants will work on an individual or collaborative project during the week, one which best reflects their exploration of critical digital pedagogy and which has direct application to their work.

In order to support a welcoming group in this course, the sort which DPL is known for, registration will be limited. At the same time, in order to keep the course as accessible as possible, registration fees will be low. For this and future courses of this sort, registration fees will be used to pay teachers and special guests for their time and labor.

In keeping with our usual practice, DPL will offer several scholarships, specifically available to students and contingent or adjunct educators. To apply for a scholarship, complete the application here.

This course is a pilot offered with the intention of opening up more opportunities for online participation at DPL. If you are unable to travel to Denver, or would like to try learning in this intensive online space, please consider joining us. Find out more about Critical Digital Pedagogy here.

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