Critical Pedagogy and Storytelling

What story can you tell in a 100 words? Just 25 words? Two sentences? Six words? Together we'll explore  some microwriting projects like The Race Card Project and Post Secret, and we'll write our own microfiction. People who are fluent writers will have a chance to experience the power of tiny writing, while people who are less confident in their writing will, I hope, find new power in their own words. Microfiction is a way to reconfigure the writing space, both inwardly and outwardly. Inwardly, each word of a story takes on more meaning. Outwardly, the small stories make room for more stories in the writing space. That means: more people telling their stories, and more opportunities for people to learn from each other's stories.

We'll start by exploring some microwriting projects together and sharing what we like. Next, we'll start writing and revising while also helping each other to revise. For participants who are teachers, I hope this micro-revision experience will give you new insight into making revision part of the writing process in your own classes. Then, if people are interested in a group publication, we can create a microfiction anthology to publish together as a Pressbook.

This shared reading-and-writing experience will be a chance to think critically about the accessibility of text as compared to other digital storytelling media. We will be able to look at different tools and platforms in terms of accessibility, sustainability, and global reach, and as we create a group project, we will be thinking about authorship, ownership, and licensing. Most of all: I hope everyone will learn to love the creative power of their own words and and to enjoy sharing their written voices with others.

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Laura Gibbs
Laura Gibbs worked at the University of Oklahoma from 1999-2021 as an online instructor teaching fully online courses in the Humanities.
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