Critical Visual Dialogues

Throughout the course we will consider issues concerning power, positionality, privilege, and pedagogy in relation to creating and engaging with visual culture in different digital and analog contexts. Many contemporary societies are significantly shaped by digital and visual culture, including the creation and sharing of online content such as memes, GIFs, digital art and collage work. Despite this, discussion and production of such “digital remix culture” rarely plays a central role in pedagogical approaches. In this course we will think through, map out, and visually represent how the rise of “user-generated” social media content and co-created digital and visual artefacts are impacting how people learn, communicate, educate, collectively organise, and express themselves.

  • What are “critical visual dialogues” and how do these take shape in various digital spaces?
  • How have social media and “do it yourself” (DIY) content-sharing platforms changed knowledge production processes?
  • How can a meme or GIF be treated as a text to learn from and through which to communicate knowledge?

Our course will consider such questions as part of this course by exploring, collaborating, and critiquing forms of visual culture and digital storytelling that influence and reflect critical pedagogical approaches. This course will facilitate creative visual meaning-making focused on many to many communications, with an emphasis on collaboration, co-creation, and critical visual dialogue activities (communicating through drawing, photography, collage, and digital visual artefact exchanges). There will be opportunities to create open visual galleries (on various social media channels) while reflecting on digital remix culture developments and their connection to social and political issues.


Francesca Sobande
Francesca Sobande is a lecturer (Cardiff University, UK), researcher and writer who explores issues concerning identity, intersecting inequalities, media and the marketplace.
Daniel Lynds
Daniel Lynds is an Instructional Designer at Davidson College who collaborates with people to make their work as impactful and open as possible.
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