Difficult Conversations I: Rape Culture and the Classroom

This workshop will focus on dealing with the reality of rape culture in the University classroom. We will first engage the Shiloh Project as a case study and discuss the various problems that arise when teaching “Texts of Terror” (e.g. sexual violence in the academic study of religious texts). We will discuss how instructors navigate multiple positionalities at play in the classroom when studying sexual violence in the content of the course. The workshop will also broaden to discuss on the various positionalities an instructor must negotiate when dealing with rape culture on campus. In a given classroom, instructors are faced with the reality that there are multiple ways rape culture is present with us in the classroom.

As a jumping off point, participants will come prepared to discuss a select reading from Kelly J. Baker Sexism Ed. Focus Chs 5, 6,11, 12.

Workshop Leader

Jennifer Barry
Jennifer Barry’s research interests include studies in the area of late antiquity, clerical exile, heresiology, and gender violence in early Christianity.
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