Difficult Conversations II: Dismantling Our Own Privilege

This workshop will address teaching from a position of privilege. How might one negotiate and navigate their own privilege – in whatever form that privilege takes – in the context of teaching students? This question becomes more complex with the acknowledgement that the institution of teaching itself if charged with the politics of power and oppression. How might one develop practices that understand and acknowledge their own positionality while also gesturing toward a way of being-with-one-another in teaching spaces that is radically inclusive and life-giving. How might one reinterpret their roles within the various social positionalities that they inhabit as they teach? Or, more than reinterpret, how might they misinterpret those roles? This workshop will be a collaborative endeavor, inviting conversation and encouraging the development of specific ideas and actions that teachers can take back for further consideration and implementation.

Workshop Leader

Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams is the Director of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program at Biola University in Los Angeles, California.
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