DPL 2018 Registration Opens January 30

Mark your calendars—registration for Digital Pedagogy Lab 2018 Institute will open on January 30, 2018!

The DPL Advisory Board, myself, and the whole team at the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies at the University of Mary Washington have been working behind the scenes to make this year’s Lab more interesting, flexible, and open than any of the previous six, and we hope you’ll plan to join us. Digital Pedagogy Lab 2018 takes place in the Hurley Convergence Center on UMW campus from July 30-August 3.

This year’s event will offer three options for participation: one-day courses, four-day courses, or a combination of both. We’re excited to introduce our one-day courses on Monday, July 30 as a way for participants to dive into subjects not previously covered at DPL. They’re also a perfect way to dip your toes into ideas you’ve been curious about.

More information will be available when registration opens, but here’s a sneak peak at just a few of the courses our faculty will offer:

Access, Privacy, and Practice—Chris Gilliard, Macomb Community College

This four-day course will address pedagogical practices geared towards building an ethical framework for digital pedagogies and practices.

Applied Imagination—Naomi de la Tour, Warwick University

This one-day intensive will explore both how we imagine education and how we might create more opportunities to be imaginative in our own practice.

Data, Code, Action—Kris Shaffer, University of Mary Washington

This four-day course will engage ways to help students grow in their data literacy in a variety of contexts, including the combating of disinformation online.

Design for Change—Amy Collier, Middlebury College

This four-day cohort will experiment with ways to bring positive change to educational institutions by designing activities and actions that administrators, faculty, staff, and students can do individually, in communities, and at their institutions.

Digital Storytelling—Martha Burtis, University of Mary Washington

This four-day workshop will consider storytelling broadly in terms of any kind of “meaning making,” and we will explore conventional and non-conventional digital tools for creating narratives.

Interdisciplinary Pedagogy in STEM—Elena Riva, Warwick University

This one-day course will focus on the development and delivery of student-centred learning experiences that enable students to experiment with a ‘radical’ form of interdisciplinarity for achieving a global approach to complex scientific problems.

Open and Critical Pedagogy in K12—Verena Roberts, University of Calgary / Rocky View Schools

This one-day workshop will consider how to create safe digital learning spaces in K12 classrooms where borders between formal and informal learning in networked learning spaces converge.

All told, Digital Pedagogy Lab will offer 6 one-day courses, 7 four-day courses, two keynotes, two receptions, lunch, breakfast, conversation, dialogue, debate, networking, hybrid experiences… and, of course, swag! Register on January 30 to join us at the University of Mary Washington for this week-long event.

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