Digital Pedagogy Lab 2021

Digital Pedagogy Lab 2021 was hosted online by the University of Colorado Denver, in collaboration with the School of Education and Human Development. Participants registered for the online event were invited to join discussions, collaborate on projects, and learn together with DPL faculty. The 2021 event featured educational, experiential tracks, special synchronous gatherings, and keynote conversations with Ashley McCall and Matthew R. Morris.

DPL Tracks and Faculty

DPL 2021 Tracks - Digital Pedagogy Lab
Digital Pedagogy Lab 2021 will offer more than a dozen tracks designed for educators of all kinds: preK-12 teachers, higher ed faculty, instructional designers, librarians, technologists, administrators, and more.
DPL 2021 Faculty - Digital Pedagogy Lab
Digital Pedagogy Lab 2021 welcomes faculty from the Middle East, Australia, Canada, and the U.S.

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