Digital Pedagogy Lab: a 5-day Institute

On May 4, 2012, Hybrid Pedagogy hosted its first hashtag chat using #digped (digital pedagogy). The chat revolved around a discussion of the first chapter of Howard Rheingold’s Net Smart: How to Thrive Online. Since that time, the journal has hosted dozens of chats centered on aspects of digital pedagogy — from what it means to learn online and MOOCs, to the intersections between K-12 and Higher Education, the adjunctification of education, and even a hashtag chat about hashtag chats. Within each of these discussions, and throughout the emergent conversation with educators worldwide which resulted, one idea surfaces more than any other: that educators are not given the tools they need to teach effectively using digital technology. More than any other, we have fielded most often the request to offer examples of, or provide ourselves, professional development in digital pedagogy.

From August 10-14, 2015 in Madison, WI, Hybrid Pedagogy, in collaboration with University of Wisconsin-Madison, will offer a 5-day institute on critical digital pedagogy. Digital Pedagogy Lab is a practical institute that will help prepare learners, educators, librarians, administrators, and others to teach and work with digital technology. Participants will practice hands-on solutions for the common challenges teachers and learners face when working digitally. However, in keeping with the philosophy and ethos of critical pedagogy, this will not be simply a 5-day tutorial. Instead, the institute will ground itself in philosophical, theoretical, and even political discussions of digital technology, identity, and pedagogy.

The rapid changes in digital learning — digital storytelling, social and new media, open educational resources, and more — offer the opportunity to reconsider how, why, and where we learn. Digital learning can be integrated into universities, colleges, high schools, and grade schools — on the massive and on the not-so-massive scale. Digital pedagogy does not merely replicate what we do in face-to-face classes, mapping the traditions of on-ground institutions onto digital space, but applies a critical lens to our practice and the new tools available to support that practice.

As with every effort Hybrid Pedagogy makes — whether that is MOOC MOOC, Digital Writing Month, or our monthly #digped chats — Digital Pedagogy Lab will train its eye on forming a lasting community of practice and interest. What happens on ground this August 10-14 in Madison will proliferate into hybrid and digital spaces.

The institute’s opening year will have a limited number of seats, but we hope to fill those seats with adjuncts, graduate students, primary and secondary educators, higher education instructors, administrators, and those who are “accidental pedagogues.” Curriculum, tuition, instructors, and more will be announced in the coming months. However, we will be offering significantly reduced rates for adjuncts and students.

Registration for Digital Pedagogy Lab will open in late February. For updates as the event unfolds, and to express your interest early, sign up for the e-mail list below or at And also follow @HybridPed and @DigPedLab. We look forward to seeing you in August.

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