Digital Scholarship

This track will be a hands-on exploration of the systems and practices shaping the direction(s) of scholarship today. Aimed at educators interested in building together towards more open and sustainable systems of labor, research, teaching, and service, this track will introduce thinking tools and digital tools for participants to apply to their own professional contexts.

The track will center around a series of issues in contemporary scholarship that participants will engage with using an experiential, hands-on approach. Topics may include: knowledge abundance, the enclosure of scholarly communications, labor insecurity, misinformation, and the prestige economy of higher ed, or other systemic challenges. Through reflective practice, the course will support participants in designing critical responses, building digital presence, and coming to a deeper understanding of the systems currently in tension in our scholarly information ecosystem.


Bonnie Stewart
Bonnie Stewart is Assistant Professor, Online Pedagogy & Workplace Learning, at the University of Windsor.
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