Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling is often narrowly understood, described, and taught with an emphasis on helping students tell a meaningful, personal narrative using digital media (usually video). This track at DPL will NOT be that approach to digital storytelling. Instead, we will consider storytelling more broadly in terms of any kind of “meaning making,” and we will explore conventional and non-conventional digital tools for creating narratives. We will talk about the importance of developing creative habits and how we go about demystifying creative acts. And, most importantly, we will tell stories to each other and together.

Participants should come prepared to create their own stories, as well as to participate in a larger storytelling project with the cohort. They will leave with a deeper understanding of how digital tools can push us to think about stories differently as well as specific ideas about how to incorporate digital storytelling into their classrooms and their lives.


Martha Burtis
Martha Burtis is a Learning & Teaching Developer for the Open CoLab at Plymouth State University.
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