Digital Storytelling: Identity Through Media

This workshop will focus on how digital media is used for counter-storytelling through the development of a short five minute video. Participants will create their own video recordings about a particular story that reflects upon their own identity, their community, or culture and use those recordings to create a 5-minute video using photos, music, and other forms of media. The end product will then be posted on a blog for viewing by other participants if the workshop participants provide permission. Workshop will be open to 10 participants.

Software we will be using are iMovie and Garageband. Mac, iPhone, and iPad users are encouraged to participate. Please bring with you photos, music, and short clips that you wish to use to create your five minute clip. Also, since we won’t have access to a computer lab, if you have access to a Macbook or iPad with iMovie capabilities, please bring those devices with you.

Workshop Leader

Winoka Begay
Winoka Begay is a fourth year doctoral candidate in the Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies program at the University of New Mexico with a graduate minor in museum studies.
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