Digital Storytelling

How can storytelling help us understand one another? How can we best listen to what others have to say? This Digital Storytelling track treats narrative as a conduit for human connection. We’ll explore a series of tensions, such as the balance between audience expectations and the storyteller’s voice, between authenticity and narrative effect, between knowledge and curiosity. We’ll look at how form, medium, and content intertwine.

We are all storytellers by nature; narrative allows us to share our experience with others. During this workshop, we will come together to examine how digital storytelling can be used to liberate, advocate, and amplify. Whether you’re a teacher wanting to start a class project, a librarian hoping to start a digital collection, or someone with your own story waiting to take shape, this class will help you identify or refine your processes, goals, and priorities regarding your project.

We will look at digital media as method and as product, and we’ll briefly review technical options and limitations for composing, distributing, and archiving digital stories. This track will include project time to build, shape, refine, or brainstorm any narrative project you’re working on. (We can create a small project on the spot if you don’t have a work in progress.) Consider our time together as a playground for you to experiment with the ideas we uncover in our discussions and see how they fit with your work.


Chris Friend
Chris Friend is Assistant Professor of English at Saint Leo University, and the Director of Hybrid Pedagogy.
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