Creation, Curation, Collaboration: Digital Writing Month 2015

In November, Hybrid Pedagogy begins a new iteration of our Digital Writing Month (#DigiWriMo) event — a 30-day adventure through the world of digital narrative and art. It’s free, open, and created for any skill level. Jesse Stommel and Sean Michael Morris first started the event in 2012, and ran it again in 2014 with Chris Friend. This year, we — Maha Bali, Sarah Honeychurch and Kevin Hodgson — are excited to be co-facilitating the month, coming to you from Egypt, Scotland and the USA, respectively.

Would you like to spend a month experimenting with new forms of writing, or even just focusing on writing goals you have for yourself, amongst a supportive community? Would you like an opportunity to get inspired by other digital writers, and learn about different forms of digital expression? Would you like to find collaborators for your digital projects?

This year’s Digital Writing Month invites participants from all over the world to take risks, to play and to explore creative forms of expression: particularly as afforded by the digital, which quite often, is not just textual or individual. We hope to “incessantly ask questions of [the digital], disturbing the edge upon which we find ourselves so precariously perched” as Jesse Stommel suggests. Join us for an hour, a day, a week or the entire month (or beyond!), whether you see yourself as an educator, student, writer (or anything in between) and choose whatever suits your goals and interests: you can choose to write publicly or privately; individually or collaboratively. There will be weekly digital makes if you are interested: small, low-risk exercises to explore your creative potential and build confidence with supportive others, so you can then take on larger projects that have more personal significance for you. You can participate on social media, or you can choose to focus on reading what others are writing this month.

We can all learn together through this process of supporting each other’s individual writing goals, which may themselves emerge over the course of the month. For educators, many of these activities can be adapted and re-used  in class. There will be opportunities to explore sound, image, video and transmedia “writing”, and to think about how writing in the digital recontextualizes the stories we tell, the art we make, and the material we consume as part of the creative process.

Profile photos of DigiWriMo 2015 guest authors

Profile photos of DigiWriMo 2015 guest authors

As well as participants inspiring and learning from each other, an awesome and diverse group of writers have agreed to contribute writings and activities during each week to help to inspire creation, collaboration, and reflection as we celebrate writing together. This year there are four broad weekly themes to titillate our creative faculties throughout this journey (but also feel free to build your own path, using all, some or none of these themes):

  • Writing: The Shifting Notions of Writing
  • Visual: Using our Lens to Compose
  • Audio: The Story of Sound and Waves
  • Transmedia: Pushing into the Edges of Stories

Feel free to dip in and out as you see fit, and to suggest ideas to the community. DigiWriMo can be about motivating ourselves to simply write more, blog more often, finish that book, revamp that website; it can be about starting new projects: launch that podcast, create a new Twitter hashtag; it can be about questioning our notions of writing and voice and their place on our lives; or it can be about trying new things – experimenting with different art forms – doing old things in new ways. It’s about pushing boundaries and tiptoeing beyond comfort zones – mixing it up, remixing – doing whatever feels or seems right to you at this time in your life. Maha, Sarah and Kevin will be at hand to assist with projects, and we are sure that the DigiWriMo community will swarm to help each other. No goal is too big or too small, as long as it’s one you care about.

Sign up and mark the date on your calendar: November 1st at 00:01 UTC is when this fun begins. Follow @DigiWriMo on Twitter, and visit our website to learn more and subscribe for updates.

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