Digital Pedagogy Lab 2016

In 2016, Digital Pedagogy Lab moved to the University of Mary Washington.

Digital Pedagogy Lab 2016 was hosted at the University of Mary Washington under the auspices of the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies. The gathering drew 100 participants and featured keynotes from Cathy Davidson, Tressie McMillan Cottom, and from faculty members Martha Burtis and Sean Michael Morris.

Six faculty led new discussions and explorations at DPL 2016

DPL 2016 Tracks and Faculty

DPL 2016 Tracks - Digital Pedagogy Lab
Digital Pedagogy Lab 2016 offered four tracks the year it moved from Wisconsin to Virginia.
DPL 2016 Faculty - Digital Pedagogy Lab
In 2016, Amy Collier and Audrey Watters joined Lee Skallerup Besette as new faculty at Digital Pedagogy Lab.

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