Digital Pedagogy Lab 2018

DPL 2018 featured 13 courses offered in either a one-day or four-day format.

In 2018, Digital Pedagogy Lab gathered once again at the University of Mary Washington, welcoming more than 150 participants from around the world. The event featured both one-day and four-day tracks, and the largest group of faculty so far assembled. Anya Kamenetz and Jade Davis offered keynotes.

Faculty at DPL 2018 offered one-day and four-day courses

DPL 2018 Tracks and Faculty

DPL 2018 Tracks - Digital Pedagogy Lab
Digital Pedagogy Lab 2018 offered 13 tracks of both one-day and four-day varieties.
DPL 2018 Faculty - Digital Pedagogy Lab
Thirteen faculty offered 13 courses at DPL 2018.

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