DPL 2020 Program Announced!

Digital Pedagogy Lab 2020 will be hosted at the University of Colorado Denver, in collaboration with the School of Education and Human Development. We will gather July 27-31 for the largest Lab to date. This year’s event will include a broad selection of courses from an international group of faculty, special guest workshops, and keynotes from José Vilson and Jesse Stommel. The full program is now available online.

Check out some of these unique offerings!

  • STEM-H & Critical Digital Pedagogy: This course explores the potential of critical digital pedagogy in math and science disciplines by building a bridge between the theoretical and the practical in STEM-H courses.
  • Critical Visual Dialogues: While collaboratively creating gifs, collages, memes, videos, and other visual artifacts, we will engage and depict issues concerning power, positionality, privilege, and pedagogy.
  • Maker Literacy: What does creativity, critical thinking, innovation, play, vulnerability, and collaboration look like in an equitable makerspace? What counts as making and who decides in the art of making?
  • PreK-20 Recess: Play in the Time of Testing: Play-based learning is an essential tool for teaching and learning, and greatly benefits children in developing essential life skills.

These and many more will invite educators from around the globe, and from every level and corner of education, to join the 2020 gathering in sunny Denver, Colorado!

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