DPL 2021 Fellowship Applications Open

Digital Pedagogy Lab 2021 will take place online August 2-6. The event, partnered with the School of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado Denver, will welcome more than 500 attendees from around the globe to participate in unique 5-day tracks. Together in a community of inquiry, pedagogy, critical imagination, and hope, we will explore the intersections between teaching, learning, digital technology, and social justice.

The Lab has always relied upon the voices of its participants to guide the learning and discovery at the event. Key among those voices are our fellows. Each year, we earmark funds to provide fellowships to as many people as we can. Digital Pedagogy Lab fellows attend the event for free and are invited to collaborate with faculty and staff on creating new ways to personally engage with the Lab. In addition, fellows are offered the opportunity to earn continuing professional education credit for participating in the event.

There is no way to exaggerate the importance and contribution of these fellows to the Lab, to the community, the conversations, and the collaborations that take place there.

Today, we are opening applications for our DPL 2021 fellowships. Applications are due January 29, 2021 and fellowships will be awarded no later than February 5, 2021.

As we have done in past years, we are offering these fellowships to people from communities whose voices are not always heard in education. This is an invitation to perspectives not always visible at other academic and technology conferences.

And so to that end, we invite applications from communities that include educators and learners who are Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and people of color, people with disabilities, neurodivergent people, LGBTQ+ people, women, and nonbinary folks, students (undergraduate or graduate), sessional and adjunct faculty, K12 educators, folks from outside the U.S. and non-Western countries, among others. If you have been silenced, if you have not been given space to present your ideas and insights, then please consider applying for a 2021 fellowship.

The application is quick and easy. Applications will be evaluated by a committee made of DPL faculty and staff, and awarded as soon as possible after the deadline. And once again, that deadline is January 29, 2021.

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