DPL4Credit FAQ

Getting credit for attending DPL is easy. But we know you have questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for DPL4Credit?
Simply indicate on your Digital Pedagogy Lab registration that you are interested in attending the Lab for credit. When you do so, you will be added to a cohort of others seeking the same, and you will receive additional information as the event draws nearer.

If you are seeking 3 credit hours for your work at DPL: During or shortly after the Digital Pedagogy Lab event, you will want to enroll in the Digital Pedagogy Lab course at CU Denver, part of the Open Digital Education certificate in the Learning Design and Technology program. You'll receive instructions on how and when to enroll before the event begins.

If you have immediate questions about enrolling at CU Denver, contact CPE@UCDenver.edu.

How much does DPL4Credit cost?
Fees differ depending on whether you are seeking continuing education or graduate credit, and on how many credit hours you want—2 or 3. The table below lists these fees for your convenience.

Credit Type 2 credits 3 credits
Graduate Credit $238 USD $522 USD
CEU $76 USD $114 USD

Why doesn't my DPL registration pay for the credits?
Credits are awarded by the University of Colorado Denver, the institutional host of Digital Pedagogy Lab. The Lab itself is not a credentialing body, and registration fees paid to the Lab are part of a special budget reserved to ensure the event can grow and change in response to the community.

Fees paid to CU Denver are minimal, and cover the cost of transcripting and assessment review.

What's involved if I want two credits?
Digital Pedagogy Lab represents 20 hours of contact/seat time (approximately 4 hours per event day), even in its online format. Thus, simply by attending, you are qualifying for two hours of either graduate or continuing education credit. There is no formal assessment for this option, though we do hope that you'll participate as fully as you can during that week.

Once you complete the Lab, you will enroll in the Digital Pedagogy Lab course at CU Denver to receive credit. But no additional work will be asked of you.

What's involved if I want three credits?
In order to earn a full 3 credits, you will not only attend Digital Pedagogy Lab, but you will be asked to complete a project for assessment. You'll enroll in the Digital Pedagogy Lab course at CU Denver, and then work with the Lab's director and other staff to complete your work. The project you choose must represent 10 hours of study, research, creation, etc. For more information about the assessment, see the DPL4Credit Assessment page.

Can I decide to take DPL for credit during or after the event?
Yep! Simply contact the director, Sean Michael Morris (sean@digitalpedagogylab.com) to get the process under way.

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