Games, Rules, Power and Play

This workshop will ask participants to engage in a few simple games to be played in pairs and small groups. Our reflection points will focus on questions of what constitutes play and for whom? Where do our rules come from and how do we negotiate these in competition and cooperation? And what can we learn about power in the games themselves, and in our own behaviors?

While games and play are most often associated with pleasure and fun, they also provide unique opportunities and environments for learning, particularly about ourselves. Participants in this workshop will be prompted to consider how and when games are best suited to achieve pedagogical aims and how might these instances be extended to encourage deeper student thinking about roles, authority, boundaries and power in these situations.

Participants will leave the session not only physically energized but also primed to think  critically about how the creative use of play can invigorate teaching and learning in surprising ways.

Workshop Leader

Sherri Spelic
As a physical educator, leadership coach, blogger and publisher Sherri dedicates increasing amounts of time to observing and making sense of movement – in bodies, in relationships, in texts, in the atmosphere.
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