Global to Local: Being Intentional About Networked Serendipity

Some of us are drawn to our work each day by necessity; others of us are drawn by joy. Each of us has a Personal Learning Network (PLN) that has drawn us into the Digital Pedagogy Lab orbit, a connectivist network separated by physical distance, yet often sustains and fulfills us in ways that we find difficult, if not impossible, to duplicate in our local teaching and learning environments. What are the elements that allow a geographically scattered network of devoted educators to thrive and support each other across continents, while we might struggle to engage as deeply with half a dozen colleagues on our own campus? How can we infuse the interstices of our local networks with the same “joie de vivre” as the PLNs that link us globally through our connected learning experiences? Participants in this workshop will explore the elements of presence, engagement, interaction, and trust that have established our networks, share the processes and techniques that worked (and those that didn’t), and begin to apply them at the “micro” level of our local environments.

Workshop Leader

George Station
George Station is a long-term lecturer at California State University, Monterey Bay.
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