How to Position Yourself as a Media Expert

Do you ever wonder how academics end up as media experts? Do you ever see an academic interviewed and wonder, Why them? Why not me—why not my ideas? This workshop will make it more likely that you will be contacted by the media. If the media can’t find you and your work, if they don’t know what your areas of expertise are, then they don’t know to contact you. This workshop will walk you through the important steps of creating a media-friendly online presence. You will learn how to best open up your research to search engines, how to create a media-friendly web presence, how to register with media expert databases, and how to communicate effectively—and safely—with the media.

Workshop Leader

Katie Rose Guest Pryal
Katie is a bestselling novelist, essayist, and attorney in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She is the author of fiction, including Entanglement (2015), Chasing Chaos (2016), and Fallout Girl (2018), all from Blue Crow Books.
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