How to Queer Your Curriculum ... Because the "Why" Takes Too Long

In this workshop, we will explore practical ways to make your curriculum more reflective of LGBTQ+ communities. We will spend time, in groups, deconstructing hetero-normative materials and brainstorming alternatives that change this narrative. Once we gather our ideas, we will use the remaining time to create a list of activities and resources that can be used in the classroom Monday morning. This workshop is not meant to discuss the inherent value of incorporating LGBTQ+ voices in one’s curriculum, but makes the assumption that the value is understood and offers ways to build on that foundation.

Workshop Leaders

La Shonda Lipscomb
La Shonda Lipscomb currently serves as Director of Basic & Transitional Studies at Seattle Central College, Director of Education for SEAF.
Marjorie Richards
Marjorie Richards earned her Master of Arts in Adult Education and Training from Seattle University, and is currently tenured faculty at Seattle Central College in the Basic and Transitional Studies Division.
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