Inclusive Globally Networked Learning

How can we build inclusive but critical pedagogies that challenge the framing of education, and especially education technology, as global market opportunity? Three international networked educators will facilitate this workshop, using storytelling to share and reflect on our own and participants’ experiences of learning with strangers across national and cultural boundaries. Together we will explore the complexity of collaborating with others who are from different cultural backgrounds, live in different timezones, and work in different national systems, and hope to begin envisioning a way forward to more inclusive networked learning.

Workshop Leaders

Paul Prinsloo
Paul Prinsloo is a Research Professor in Open and Distance Learning (ODL) in the College of Economic and Management Sciences, University of South Africa (Unisa).
Maha Bali
Maha Bali, PhD is an Associate Professor of Practice at the Center for Learning and Teaching at the American University in Cairo.
Kate Bowles
Dr. Kate Bowles is Associate Dean International at University of Wollongong Australia.
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