Information Literacy

Information literacy is a thread that runs throughout all levels of education and continues throughout life. Participants in the Information Literacy track will bring perspectives from many educational settings: academic libraries, P-12 libraries, and classrooms representing many subject areas and age groups, among others. Participants will engage in conversations about theoretical and practical aspects of information in modern education, such as power and privilege in the production of knowledge; bringing students’ lived experience into the research process; and strategies for discussing authority of information sources with both colleagues and students.

The track will encompass numerous activities. Dedicated pragmatists as well as dreamers, the librarian instructors will aim for participants to complete the week with a selection of tools and strategies for better supporting diverse groups of students in their own courses, and ideas for pushing their teaching in new directions through creative information usage.

Sample activities include:

  • Brainstorming and mapping networks of information in your subject area
  • Defining creativity in your field. Working with interdisciplinary groups of colleagues to plan potential information-centered course projects.
  • Strategizing how to interpret theoretical principles (education theory, critical pedagogy, and more) in terms of action.
  • Creating action plans for supporting students with a greater range of information histories and needs in your classroom.

Each participant will be asked to choose a goal related to their information-related teaching or practice throughout the week. We will discuss how each day’s materials and conversations have helped each participant work toward their goals.

The format will largely be “flipped;” participants will be asked to read materials each day prior to DPL, to contribute additional materials that inspire and inform them, and to respond in conversations with fellow members each day. Participants may interact with others either through online, asynchronous options or through daily online group meetings.

This track is ideal for:



Karen Sobel
Karen Sobel directs the Center for Faculty Development and Advancement at the University of Colorado Denver.
Kodi Saylor
Kodi Saylor is a First-Year Teaching and Learning Librarian at Auraria Library in Denver.
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