Intersections, Collaborations, and Commitments: Bringing DPL Home

Whether you’re attending DPL for the first time or are a veteran participant in this community, you’re likely curious about questions like, “What next?,” and, more specifically, “How might I create something like DPL—or something inspired by my time at DPL—on my campus and with my colleagues?” This workshop will support you in articulating plans for working, teaching, and learning beyond DPL—to pay it forward, take it home, and make it yours. We will map out intersections, collaborations, and commitments to walk the talk. The 150-minute and design-oriented workshop will be facilitated by educators from ThinqStudio, a faculty-initiated and faculty-facilitated effort at CU Denver that supports critical and creative pedagogy. ThinqStudio has established a DPL remix at CU Denver and we’ve made it our own – and we’d like to help you do the same. This workshop is an opportunity for you to discuss, imagine, and plan for the many ways in which you might bring DPL back to your respective campuses and networks. As a group, we’ll participate in design-thinking activities to set goals, discuss contexts and contingencies, and make concrete plans for carrying this work forward on your local campus. All DPL participants are very welcome to participate in this workshop, though we encourage people who may be attending DPL from the same institution to join our workshop together—in a pair or small group—to strategically work together.

Workshop Leader

Remi Kalir
Remi Kalir is Assistant Professor of Learning Design and Technology at CU Denver’s School of Education & Human Development.
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