While Digital Pedagogy is often seen as a means of integrating technology into our classes, Sean Michael Morris writes, “this is a fundamental misunderstanding of digital pedagogy. In fact, digital pedagogy concerns itself with learning in the digital age. It is—as all pedagogies must be—less interested in technologies and tools, than it is in the person, the learner, and how learning happens.” During our week together, we will concern ourselves with these persons of digital pedagogy and seek to discover how our praxis creates digital spaces and educational experiences wherein, to quote bell hooks, “learning can most deeply and intimately begin.”

This course is ideal for new and experienced educators alike, working at any level, interested in exploring how digital technologies inflect education and intersect with themes of equity, access, precarity, activism, agency, community. How do digital technologies change the way we retrieve information, from an expanded ability to cross-reference in libraries to (data-fied, tracked, sometimes paywalled) hyperlinks? How do the power dynamics of control or management affect student authority, and how does control manifest differently in digital spaces versus analog ones? What does addictive and behaviorist design mean for classroom practice? We invite participants to join us in generating complex questions like these—and in discovering equally complex answers.

Over the course of the week, participants will be asked to embody this criticality through activities like composing “why sheets” to distill and communicate purpose and practice, reworking teaching materials (e.g. teaching philosophy, an assignment, a course syllabus), and tuning social media feeds to better listen to disparate, vital voices. Participants can’t help but end the week having thoughtfully explored both hybrid learning and critical digital pedagogy—confronting challenges and finding hope.


Chris Friend
Chris Friend is Assistant Professor of English at Saint Leo University, and the Director of Hybrid Pedagogy.
Jakob Gowell
Jakob Gowell is an educator and mental health professional whose background includes service as a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching English as a Foreign Language in Cameroon.
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